Saturday, 23 February 2013

Attention fellow bloggers I need your help!

Hello everyone! ,
I need some advice for a product and I thought where better a place then my blog? Anyways, I've recently cut my hair quite short like pixie short. I have quite thick flat hair that doesn't frizz or do anything really, but i would like a product I could put in my hair to give it a textured messy look. I have tried a few but none of which worked in the least. Can anyone recommend a product they like and may work? Thank you for all your help in advance!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

my first Graze box!

Hello everyone,
Today I am back with a review of the new Graze box! So recently I was in superdrug and saw I had a voucher for Graze on my receipt. It was for a free box including shipping costs so I figured I'd try it.
When you join Graze you go down a list a mark things you like and things you don't like. After that you will get a snack box with four different types of snacks every week or bi weekly if you choose. Also you do have to put a debit card on file, and they take the box fees out the day before your scheduled day (which you can cancel anytime).  All of the snacks in your box are healthy and some even under 100 calories. After your first free box they are £3.89 which isn't *that* bad for healthy snacking, especially if its only a one off. I was a bit skeptical trying this because I myself am not really a big healthy eater.

I actually really enjoyed this treat! I think weekly would be too often to get them so I will stick to every other week. But the snacks are so tasty, and you dont feel like you are eating healthy. I think its so easily accessible (it comes in the normal mail), and a great treat every now and then!
If you would like to try a free box (no strings attached) heres a voucher code they gave me to give to people for a first box free!    The code is: L1Z233H    let me know if you try it out! by the way I would like to say I am in no way sponsored or anything with Graze and all these opinions are my own.

Bottom line, I think Graze is a great thing to try and for free why not? I personally loved these treats and I think most people would too!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MUA (Make Up Academy) review, lip stick in shade "bare"

Hello everyone,
I know it may seem like my reviews are becoming a bit repetitive with my past two reviews being MUA as well, but with a recent haul I did I figured I'd review each item as I got around to trying it out myself. So anyways, today I am reviewing MUA's lip stick in shade "bare". If you have read my previous posts I basically say how much I overall LOVE anything that MUA has brought out thus far, and that I have tried.
Based on first impressions I loved this lip stick because it was only £1, and who doesn't love a bargain.?!
this is the packaging and a swatch of what it looks like on my hand.

It is a really beautiful nude glossy shade, and after a few hours it was still on and still glossy! Its not overly pink or chapped looking (for my skin tone anyways) this has become my new go-to nude lipstick.

Overall this product exceeded my expectations by far, And I would buy this product again in the future.
PROS: The price obviously, easily accessible online or from superdrug, long lasting, and great for olive like skin tones.
CONS: May be too glossy and not matte enough for some peoples preferences. Packaging isn't the *best*, But for £1 who cares?

have you tried any other shades from this company? let me know.

Monday, 18 February 2013

review of MUA (Make Up Academy) eyeshadow "undressed" pallete

hey guys! i'm back with another MUA review from my recent superdrug haul! up next is the eyeshadow pallete called "undressed". i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who noticed it looks an awful lot like another pretty popular pallete.....*cough* Urban Decay's naked pallete *cough*. MUA has a couple of pallete's that looks so seriously similar to Urban Decay's "naked" & "naked 2" pallete. anyways, when purchasing this product it was only £4 so i figured there was NO way it would live up to the "Naked" hype. although, I was very pleasantly surprised with this product. the shimmers are gorgeous! the only thing i'd fault at all with this is the matte shadows (there's only two) aren't as pigmented as they *could* be but they are decent and for £4 you can't really beat it. 


I used shades number 6 and number 7 to do my look today. i'm also wearing MUA'S blush, but I will review that in a later post. the pay off with this is seriously so amazing. I've had them on for 6 hours or so

bottom line, I would buy this pallete again, over and over. the pay off is amazing and the price is amazing.

   PROS: affordable, great quality, accessible, great selection.
   CONS: two shades aren't as great as they could be, but that is basically the only con.

MUA (make up academy) matte perfect foundation review

I've recently learned of a brand called Make Up Academy or MUA. All of their products are SO cheap so I always figured they were bad quality young teen make up. Well recently after snooping around Youtube I saw ALOT of positive feed back about it so I decided to buy a few bits and try them out. first up I tried MUA's new Matte Perfect Foundation my shade is in "natural".
my shade was in natural, there are 4 different shades all together  I believe.

this is a swatch of it on my hand (i don't have any primer or anything  underneath)

when I first swatched this on my hand I thought it would be quite good as the coverage looked good and not *too* thick or cakey. unfortunately I was wrong, Although the coverage is quite good once its on it takes ALOT of product and it doesn't spread very well with a foundation brush OR a sponge. 
PROS: cheap, good coverage once its on, as a variety of skin tone shades.
CONS: takes WAY too much product to get even coverage, does not spread easy at all which makes it really hard to apply.

overall I would not really recommend this product to anyone unless they were on a budget and really could not afford anything more expensive, but even then I think Collection 2000 (now called collection) has a better Matte Foundation in the same price range 
                       .has anyone else tried this product? what do you think? 

Sunday, 17 February 2013


My new Venique polish I got for Christmas. This is after three coats. AMAZING!

new to all of this...

Hello everyone, 
my name is ashley and i'm a hair stylist/ make up artist. I get a lot of people asking me how I do some of my hair styles or make up looks so I decided to start a blog to share what I do, what I wear, or how I do it. I love fashion, making my own clothes, doing hair, make up, and nails. so I look forward to speaking to new people & learning things from other peoples blogs!
xxx ash