Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review of MUA highlighter!

hello all!
So sorry for the lack of posts, life has been a bit crazy lately! I've recently done quite a big make up haul so I will be posting more regularly!  Anyways, Today I will be reviewing Make Up Academy's new product " Undress your skin shimmer highlight". When I first saw this product I was REALLY excited because I have not found alot of brands that do a good highlight at a decent price. When buying this product I really did not know what to expect because MUA is a bit of a hit and miss with their products.After buying and swatching I really really love it! for only 3 pounds you really can't beat it! i use it to highlight down my nose, my cheeks, and anywhere else you want to show a bit more! Also I've found that it stays quite well and does not sweat off during the day.
when applied with no primer

PROS: very cheap, available in super drug, stays for a long time.
CONS: packaging is a bit cheap, but that is it!

so get out there and try this amazing highlighter! has anyone tried this product? what are your thoughts? 


  1. That is such a pretty shade! Nice post! :)

  2. I'm not bothered by cheap packaging, as long as the product is good.
    I like it, suits you :)

    UK High Street Fashion

  3. Yes, the color sure looks lovely. Perfect to greet autumn and put a lil glow on the face.

    Many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Already follow u :)


  4. I've tried this highlighter as well and loved it as it was the first one i'd ever used. And the price is amazing!



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