Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Geisha Wigs Review: Chocolate Orange

Hello everyone!

I know its been a little bit since my last post but my laptop screen was smashed! luckily I have another one now so I'm back!
Today I am reviewing Chocolate Orange from Geisha Wigs. here is the stock photo:

Colour: this wig is gorgeous! One side is a light blonde and the other side is a lovely orangey-red. When it comes to looking real I think this is one of the most real looking wigs I have, Its thick and not too shiny and looks just like real hair! Also, the stock photo is exactly what it looks like when it arrives.

Quality: My favourite thing about Geisha Wigs is the quality for price, You might think because they are so reasonably priced that they lack quality but that is not true! This wig is so thick and while it isn't real hair it is made with high quality synthetic hair. You can use heat up to 180 degrees on this wig as well so you can straighten or curl as long as its under 180 degrees! Also all of the wigs from Geisha Wigs come with adjustable straps inside the cap so if you have a smaller head don't worry it'll fit.

Price: This wig is £24 which is really cheap for such a beautiful good quality wig.

Wait time/Postage: This wig was not in stock when I ordered so I did have to pre-order it. On the website it does say it can take up to 14 days to receive your wig, however I received mine in about 7 days. The Owner Maria sent me an email once my wig had been dispatched with a tracking number. I also emailed her a few days after I ordered I emailed Maria and she responded within an hour!

Overall: I love this wig, its a great quality wig, and the price just cant be beat. Of all the wigs I have from Geisha Wigs I have gotten the most compliments while wearing this one. No one believes its a wig! Geisha Wigs offer a lot of in-stock wigs as well as wigs you can pre order which can take up to 21 days depending on which wig it is. If you would like to purchase this wig you can order it here
Here are some photos of me in Chocolate Orange:

If you would like to purchase this wig or any other wigs from Geisha Wigs check out there website:

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  1. That wig is so cool! I love how it's ombre, like nothing you've ever seen before! xo


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