Monday, 18 February 2013

MUA (make up academy) matte perfect foundation review

I've recently learned of a brand called Make Up Academy or MUA. All of their products are SO cheap so I always figured they were bad quality young teen make up. Well recently after snooping around Youtube I saw ALOT of positive feed back about it so I decided to buy a few bits and try them out. first up I tried MUA's new Matte Perfect Foundation my shade is in "natural".
my shade was in natural, there are 4 different shades all together  I believe.

this is a swatch of it on my hand (i don't have any primer or anything  underneath)

when I first swatched this on my hand I thought it would be quite good as the coverage looked good and not *too* thick or cakey. unfortunately I was wrong, Although the coverage is quite good once its on it takes ALOT of product and it doesn't spread very well with a foundation brush OR a sponge. 
PROS: cheap, good coverage once its on, as a variety of skin tone shades.
CONS: takes WAY too much product to get even coverage, does not spread easy at all which makes it really hard to apply.

overall I would not really recommend this product to anyone unless they were on a budget and really could not afford anything more expensive, but even then I think Collection 2000 (now called collection) has a better Matte Foundation in the same price range 
                       .has anyone else tried this product? what do you think? 


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