Thursday, 21 February 2013

my first Graze box!

Hello everyone,
Today I am back with a review of the new Graze box! So recently I was in superdrug and saw I had a voucher for Graze on my receipt. It was for a free box including shipping costs so I figured I'd try it.
When you join Graze you go down a list a mark things you like and things you don't like. After that you will get a snack box with four different types of snacks every week or bi weekly if you choose. Also you do have to put a debit card on file, and they take the box fees out the day before your scheduled day (which you can cancel anytime).  All of the snacks in your box are healthy and some even under 100 calories. After your first free box they are £3.89 which isn't *that* bad for healthy snacking, especially if its only a one off. I was a bit skeptical trying this because I myself am not really a big healthy eater.

I actually really enjoyed this treat! I think weekly would be too often to get them so I will stick to every other week. But the snacks are so tasty, and you dont feel like you are eating healthy. I think its so easily accessible (it comes in the normal mail), and a great treat every now and then!
If you would like to try a free box (no strings attached) heres a voucher code they gave me to give to people for a first box free!    The code is: L1Z233H    let me know if you try it out! by the way I would like to say I am in no way sponsored or anything with Graze and all these opinions are my own.

Bottom line, I think Graze is a great thing to try and for free why not? I personally loved these treats and I think most people would too!


  1. did you get the nibblebox or the nutritionbox? :) x

    1. The nibble box! I wanted as unhealthy as possible! Hahaha

  2. Delish! I want some :)
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  3. I think I'm tight but I think graze is expensive x

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  4. This made me hungry! :)

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